How to have fun, without losing your corporate credibility.

Welcome to - the only site where you can play games without your boss noticing. Let’s face it; we all want to relax every now and then, but still want to appear professional or busy! That’s why all the games at are designed in a way that nobody can see that you’re gaming. In fact, your boss and colleagues will think that you’re working harder than ever before.

Crash Planning

Managing the agenda is a hard thing to do, especially under extreme time pressure. In this game your job is to make groups of three or more planning blocks. Swap and puzzle your way to the weekend!

3.5 starsfrom average of 513 votes.


Are you working hard everyday typing reports, letters or minutes? Then Breakdown is the game for you but instead of generating text, this game is all about erasing as much text as possible

3.5 starsfrom average of 512 votes.


Do you think it’s your time to step up and show off your leadership ability? Then this is your chance. Prove that you can lead your ship through the graph, and you will move up a level.

3.5 starsfrom average of 510 votes.

Cost cutter

In times like these everyone is always telling you to keep the costs down. And that’s just the challenge in this game. Keep the data as low as possible and your points will sky rocket.

4 starsfrom average of 509 votes.

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Cost Calculator

Time is money; even relaxation has its price! Based on an average yearly salary of €31,500, the calculator adds the game time of every visitor and totals the cost of collective gaming at to the world economy.

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